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In the late 1970s, Amityville became synonymous with horror after Jay Anson’s book The Amityville Horror became a bestseller.  The official Amityville Village response to the story is that it was all a hoax.  Amityville Mayor Peter Imbert stated in a recent Newsday article that, “We don’t see it as a positive thing for the community.” 

Regardless, there are those in Amityville who believe that the village should capitalize on the story much like Salem, Massachusetts, has chosen to cash in on its infamous reputation stemming from the Salem witch trials. Nevertheless, when presented with the idea to turn the house into a bed and breakfast, Amityville village trustees have constantly voted against it. Twenty-five years ago, Jay Anson’s book and the subsequent movie version put the Village of Amityville on the map. Therefore, it is conceivable that in another 25 years, tourists will still be travelling down Ocean Avenue to see the “horror” house. If at that time the house does not exist, then the visitors will be travelling to see a vacant plot where the horror house once stood. Neither Amityville nor the owners of the infamous house will ever be able to outrun the myths.

All good intentions aside, The Amityville Murders would like to ask its readers to please remember that a family does live at the house Ocean Avenue. Although they bought the house knowing its reputation, there is no excuse that their privacy should be invaded. The Amityville Murders provides pictures of the house and the surrounding area, so that hordes of tourists will not descend upon Ocean Avenue, trampling and trespassing to see the house.

Today, the house has been renovated extensively. The boathouse has been raised, a sunroom has been added on the back of the house to give it a more symmetrical look and the driveway has been repaved. These are just some of the extensive (and expensive) changes the owner has incurred. Why? Because the new owners love the property. The Amityville Murders would rather see a family that loves the historic Amityville property reside in it, rather than one that simply wants to capitalize on the home’s past misfortune.