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Author Ric Osuna is no stranger to the mystery and intrigue surrounding the Amityville story. Osuna, a Las Vegas-based writer and editor, has received a number of acclamations from both expert criminologists and journalists for his research into the notorious Amityville murders.

Compelled to report the truth about the DeFeo murders and ensuing coverup that included turning the DeFeo home into a house of horror, Osuna acquired crime-scene photographs, trial transcripts, police reports, and other official documentation previously unavailable to the public over a period of three years. Despite receiving death threats and warnings, Osuna finished his book, The Night the DeFeos Died.

Osuna’s professional experience includes serving as editor, writer, and consultant for several magazines. His production experiences range from research consultant to producing roles on various documentaries relating to Amityville.

Due to the huge surge of interest in his book, Osuna has participated in more than a dozen TV and radio shows across the nation, including A&E’s City Confidential and The Travel Channel’s On Location series. In addition, The Night the DeFeos Died has been the subject of several editorials in Internet-based and traditional publications, including the New York Post. Osuna was honored in January 2003, when Xlibris named him Author of the Month. Most recently, Osuna was inducted into the prestigious New Criminologist’s Hall of Fame.




Author Ric Osuna. Pictured with Osuna is the voluminous materials the author collected to write his book, The Night the DeFeos Died.



When I first began my research into the Amityville murders, I never could have imagined the story I would uncover. Although Hollywood’s version is entertaining, the imaginary ghosts on screen cannot hold a candle to the real evil in this story. It is not an evil that goes “bump” in the night, but rather an evil that lives in the hearts of men. Greed, lies, corruption, abuse, betrayal, and finally murder. These are the plot elements to the real Amityville story. The house is not haunted by the supernatural, but it is damned forever to be an icon of horror.

It is easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding Amityville. The house, with its eye-like windows, has not only a certain charm to it, but draws us in with its mystique. Having an interest in this story is understandable, especially now with MGM’s remake of The Amityville Horror so widely seen.

The Amityville Murders™ was created, so the public would never lose sight of the real story. On November 13, 1974, six members of the DeFeo family were murdered in their own home. Fanciful images, such as demons, green slime, and disembodied bands, cannot replace the true horror of the DeFeo murders.

Those of us who know the true story have been attacked and mocked for exposing the lies surrounding the case. There are even a number of fake documents circulating the Net that allegedly “disprove” the true story and purport to discredit us. Beware of the websites that simply attack individuals who threaten a belief system that cannot be supported by a shred of scientific evidence. These sites seek individuals that will continue an erroneous belief system without question, obeying their every word. Amityville has a way of taking over and becoming an obsession. Don't allow it to consume your life. Look past the hoopla and "think" about the source of the information. In this day and age, is it enough evidence simply to say something happened? I think not. Today, society is much more sophisticated and, as such, demands factual proof.

God knows that I, along with several other prominent and outspoken critics of the "horror" stories, have been the subject of incredible, not to mention laughable, accusations. Because these parties cannot attack my message, they are relying on lies and ignorance to attack me, the messenger. The bottom line, nonetheless, is that unlike others, I have cataloged, referenced, and made available much of the research that went into my book on this website for FREE! On the other hand, my book, The Night the DeFeos Died, offers a more complete picture of the Amityville saga than any other website or book. For those interested, it is available for purchase here.

And remember, if you choose not to believe in the haunting, then that does not necessarily make you a disbeliever in the supernatural. Not everything that is claimed to be supernatural is legitimate. The Amityville story has angered those individuals dedicated to investigating authentic phenomena. Many reputable and prestigious paranormal organizations have called the alleged haunting in Amityville a hoax. Besides, there are possibly more books and articles disproving Amityville's alleged supernatural phenomena than proving it.

Another ignored fact is that Ronald "Butch" DeFeo, Jr. could not have murdered his entire family alone. The evidence and the experts all indicated Butch DeFeo had help. Of course, the popular theory that a son killed his entire family with a high-powered rifle is considered the official version of the murders. At The Amityville Murders, you will find evidence that will begin to make you question the validity of what you have read for the past 30 years. More important, we are certainly NOT on a crusade to free Butch DeFeo, who is an admitted mass murderer and killer. Only a parole board can legitimately judge whether or not DeFeo poses a danger to society. I know several people who sleep better knowing he is locked away, behind bars and high walls with guard towers. To date, the parole board has denied him parole each and every time he comes before them.

In the end, it is up to the reader to decide what is true. This website simply offers, in my opinion, the most complete side of the Amityville story. Keeping an open mind along with a scientific understanding will help you come to a logical conclusion. I hope this website and my book will help you uncover the truth as you see it. I also wish to thank all of those who have assisted me in finishing this project. Finally, all the documents, photos, and materials on this website and within The Night the DeFeos Died were legally obtained. NOTHING was stolen, taken without permission, or fraudulently obtained.

Good luck on your search for answers.

Kindest regards,
Ric Osuna
Author of The Night the DeFeos Died


The receipts (two of many) above show that author Ric Osuna paid the Suffolk County Police Department for reproductions of photos and the Suffolk County Treasurer for reproductions of transcripts of the DeFeo trial. After years of inquiries, Osuna was finally invited by the Suffolk County Police Department and District Attorney's offices to review their files on the case.